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The growing number of African jurisdictions with competition laws, merger-control regimes, anti-corruption enforcement, and consumer-protection statutes reflect the globalised nature of the African business landscape. As your business grows, your legal risk and commercial demands grow, whether you are an established company on the continent or a start-up, whether a global corporation operating in or expanding into Africa.

The African economies are slated to show a future combined growth rate that has the potential to be greater than that of the European Union, the United States, and even Asia:

The size of the African continent’s total economy more than tripled over the past 14 years.  Foreign direct investment has increased up to 20% annually, thanks in part to the continent’s richness in natural resources, growing population, underutilized agricultural opportunities, and booming telecom, construction, and health-care sectors, to name only a few.

The commensurate creation (and strengthening) of competition law regimes governing these expanding economies presents both opportunities and risks for both corporate players and nation states in Africa.  COMESA’s CCC is but one example.

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Andreas Stargard, editor
Andreas Stargard, editor

Andreas Stargard’s professional focus is on litigation and global counseling work in the competition/antitrust sector.  He is a founding attorney at Pr1merio Ltd.

Andreas has extensive experience working on behalf of African clients, in the cartel sector, merger & unilateral conduct arenas, litigation, arbitration, as well as in compliance & training matters.

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Contributors and Guest Authors

Elizabeth Sisenda, LL.M (London) LL.B (CUEA) PGD Law (KSL)
Elizabeth Sisenda, Kenya, LL.M (London) LL.B (CUEA) PGD Law (KSL)


Prof. Flavien TCHAPGA (Versailles)
Professor Flavien Tchapga
(France, Univ. of Versailles)



Chinwe Chiwete, author


Luke Kelly, Advocate of the High Court of South Africa and member of the Cape Bar, author
Luke Kelly (South Africa)



Chabo Peo (Botswana)


Sofia Ranchordas, Ass't Professor, Tilburg University
Sofia Ranchordás, Ph.D. cum laude, Ass’t Professor, Tilburg University (Law School)



Kenneth Motsa, author

Kenneth Motsa (Swaziland)


Patrick Smith, RBB
Patrick Smith, RBB (South Africa)



Benson Wairagu (Botswana)


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