Potential strike at S. Afr. Competition Commission? SA union calls on minister to intervene


South African workers’ union NEHAWU has called on Minister of Economic Development Ebrahim Patel to undertake several actions related to the Competition Commission in order to avert a strike amongst its workers.

The National Education Health & Allied Workers’ Union (NEHAWU) has been a rather vocal critic of the South African Competition Commission and its management in the past.  They now cite the high turnover rate at the Commission as evidentiary support for their claims that the Commission is not “following proper procedures and the flouting of the Commission’s internal policies“.  Among the former Commission staff who have reportedly left are “former Deputy Commissioner and the Chief Economist,” as well as “several other divisional managers, including the Chief Financial Officer.”

Among the union’s current demands on the minister to remedy the purportedly dire situation at the Commission are the following:

  • The reinstatement of two employees that have been unfairly suspended from work in a manner which is inconsistent with the policies of the Competition Commission.
  • The call for the minister to intervene to stop the acts of victimisation and abuse of power by managers at the CC.
  • Call on the minister to open the appointment of the new Deputy Commissioners.
  • Call on the minister to ensure that the correct recruitment processes and policies are followed in the appointment of senior managers.
  • Call on the minister to make the outcomes of his two investigations into corporate governance at the Competition Commission available to employees.
  • Call on the minister to respond to complaints lodged with him against the Competition Commissioner and management.

NEHAWU claims that it represents “over 70% of the employees of the Commission” has threatened to “explore our legal options including a possible withdrawal of our labour”.

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