Competition Tribunal members re-appointed by President


President Zuma re-appoints three Tribunal members

The President of the Republic of South Africa has made his decision to re-appoint Competition Tribunal Chairperson Norman Manoim for a second term now that his term has come to an end. Along with Mr Manoim, the President has also re-appointed full-time panel members Yasmin Carrim and Andreas Wessels for a further five years at the Tribunal.

For the past decade, the Tribunal has comprised three full-time panel members and up to eight part-time panel members can be appointed. For the first time, a fourth full-time panel member has been appointed, namely Ms Mondo Mazwai.

Two panel members who were not re-appointed are part-time panel members Professor Merle Holden and Dr Takalani Madima. The President has not announced whether two additional part-time panel members will be appointed to the Tribunal panel.


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