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New interim competition chief in Mauritius


The Mauritian Competition Commission named Mrs. Kiran Meetarbhan as new officer-in-charge and its acting head in this 25. March press release.

The release provides:

The CCM today announces that after the departure of the former Executive Director, Dr. Sean F. Ennis, Mrs. Kiran N. Meetarbhan has been appointed as Officer – In – Charge of the Competition Commission, for the time being. Since the inception of the CCM, Mrs. Meetarbhan has been the Deputy Executive Director of the Commission and she has also cumulated the function
of Chief Legal Adviser.
Mrs. Meetarbhan has extensive experience in Competition Law and Policy and is recognized as an expert in competition law and Policy for small states, by the Small State Network for Economic Development (SSNED).  She has been involved in the drafting of several legislation including, the Competition Commission Rules of Procedure and the CCM Guidelines.
Mrs Meetarbhan is a Barrister at Law and holds a Master in Business Administration and qualification in Accounting from the London Chamber of Commerce.
She has been the Manager for Legal Affairs of the Mauritius Offshore Business Activities Authority (MOBAA) in 1997. In 2001, following the setting up of the Financial Services Commission, she continued her career as Executive – Legal until 2003 when she was appointed as Head of Surveillance for Insurance and Pensions. In 2007, after having spent one year at the State Law Office, she was appointed Adviser at the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development until 2009.
From October 2011 to April 2012, Mrs Meetarbhan has also worked as an 
International Fellow for the United States Federal Trade Commission.
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SACC gets 2 new interim deputy commissioners


According to a statement released by South African Economic Development minister Patel and other online sources (among them and AllAfrica) the South African Competition Commission has appointed two interim deputy commissioners to serve 6-month terms.

The South African Economic Development Department’s statement identifies the two new deputy commissioners as “advocate Oliver Josie and Trudi Makhaya“.

It is noteworthy that both are being recruited from the existing but recently dwindling ranks of the SACC.  We previously reported about one of Ms. Makhaya’s recent competition-focused articles here.

The official statement continues:

“The interim appointments will ensure an uninterrupted service by the Competition Commission, which has a critical role to play in advancing an inclusive economy, promoting competition, combating abuse of market power and supporting job creation and small business development”.