Competition authority issues sectoral warning, threatens criminal sanctions


Wake-up call to would-be cartelists and monopolists in Kenya

The Standard reports that the Competition Authority of Kenya (“CAK”) (AAT archive on CAK issues here) is threatening cartelists with prison terms of up to 5 years and fines up to 10 million Shilling ($115,000).

According to the report, CAK Director General Francis Wang’ombe Kariuki said that “investigations are already being conducted in [the] transport, insurance, shipping, milling, banking, cement, sugar, health care and tea” sectors, pursuant to purported consumer complaints.

CAK Director General Kariuki

The CAK has actively pursued antitrust matters, using novel approaches of late, as AAT recently reported on a seemingly hybrid unilateral/collusion case (“Kenya: Lafarge faces possible price-fixing penalties due to cross-shareholding“).  The CAK is also the sole COMESA member enforcement authority that has, to our knowledge, challenged the fledgling and issues-plagued COMESA Competition Authority’s jurisdiction in various merger cases.

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